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March 19, 2007

Tracy Rector

When Your Hands Are Tied shows that there are teens in the Southwest on the cutting edge of combining culture and modern lifestyle influences. They rap, are in punk bands, skate, are b-boys, artists, practice rights of passage, run, sing and are healers. Mia and Marley's film shows that there are many ways that youth living on the rez can be very creative with in the context of their environments. These youth can at once be proud of their Native heritage and also express their own unique ways of how they walk through, as one speaker in the film puts it, "two worlds".

The film makers and the communities they worked with have created an important piece of work for our Native youth that hopefully helps us adults understand the complexities of being a teen in today’s fast paced world. Personally, I hope that the film helps teachers, counselors, parents understand that our kids don't have to be perfect but that what's important is that they are trying to reach for and are open to becoming aware of their own potential.

In attendance Sherman Alexie, Chris Eyre, Evan Adams, Nanobah, Andrea Menard, Mia Boccella Hartle,Tom Hartle, Marley Shabala, Yellow Thunder Woman and Robin Davey, Pamela Matthews, Carlos DeMenezes and other fun folks who appeared in the showcased films.

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